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Shinkasen train kingfisher The Biomimicry 3.8 Institute has a passion for both formal and informal public education, from K-12 and university to museum exhibits, nature center programs, media, and publications. Wherever we teach biomimicry, we have the choice of teaching it as a separate subject, or incorporating it as a problem-solving method into any number of different subjects.

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"In the classroom, curriculum around biomimicry supplies excellent material for integrated learning and problem based learning. The solution centered focus provides hope- filled explorations of environmental science’s otherwise complicated and troubled conclusions."
  - Hilary Staples, Science Department Chair, San Domenico High School for Girls, San Anselmo, California
"I think that educators at all levels should be exposed to biomimicry in some shape or form as these principles and methods can provide much needed guidelines and valuable material for teaching and learning…"
  - Bruce Snaddon, Senior Lecturer, Graphic Design Department, Cape Peninsula University of Technology, South Africa
 "Biomimicry will change your life. It has already changed mine. And it may save the world."
  - Amory Lovins, Chief Scientist, Rocky Mountain Institute

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Photograph courtesy of Brad Smith